Angus Maclean

Management Consultant


Angus has 17 years’ experience in operations performance improvement consultancy / supply chain implementation, prior to consultancy he worked in industry.

Estimated benefits generated for clients over the last 17 years...200 x ~3m€+ = >600m€

He has managed more than 200 consultancy projects in the aerospace, automobile, retail, healthcare, retail & investment banking, oil & gas, household goods, engineering, & electrical sectors on most subjects: (materials/supply chain/logistics optimisation, inventory optimisation, process re-engineering, six sigma, lean manufacturing, sales increases/Customer Relationship Management/ R&D cycle-time reduction, labour optimisation /restructuring/change management, overhead reductions, receivables/payables optimisation, asset optimisation & complex project management programmes...).

Prior to consulting he worked for a global chemical company in France and the UK in various junior management positions, and prior this in a Swiss firm in Human Resources, then in Export Sales.

Industry / Functional Experience:

Industries: Aviation, Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemicals, Industrial Goods & Services, Automobile, Food & Beverages. Household Goods, Healthcare, Retail, Utilities, Banks, Insurance

Business Functions: Supply chain, Operations, Logistics, Purchasing, Finance, Performance Improvement, Sales,


EDP Supply Chain – INSEAD, France

EDP Strategy– INSEAD, France

MBA – IMEA, France/UK/Germany

BSc Science & Management (Hons), Edinburgh, UK

Fettes College, Edinburgh, UK

Languages: English, French


Contact details:


Tel: +33685127789